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Exploring Artist! Enhancing Art & Literature

Agaastyaa is an unparalleled platform that aims to explore the hidden talent Through an open mic event in Jaipur. We work across multiple art forms to create a good ambiance during the event. Our event has a diverse footfall from all age groups. It is our endeavor to sharpen the budding artist, improve their art and continue to deliver on the newer way in which the Indian art and literature can be explored; Agaastyaa reaches out art to every section of society. Agaastyaa’s events are free from adult content and can be enjoyed with families.

Agaastyaa at a glance

  • 200+ Performers
  • 600+ Happy Audience
  • 7+ Successful Events
  • 4+ Genre of art
  • 20+ Videos Released
  • First and Only Open Mic Promoted By Princess Diya Kumari of Jaipur and many other celebrities.
  • Wide network on social media

Our Journey

This is a very interesting story. All our friends were sitting in the room because we all had an interest in Poetry, so things were going on in the same subject. Until there was no proper platform in Jaipur City where artists could perform their art. This is what led to the idea of ​​Agaastyaa Group. We made a plan to do a program on the same day.

But the biggest problem was where is the artist? The solution to the problem was also there. We all. So it was determined that we would all perform. But what about the audience? Who will listen to us? So there were two of our friends who were the audience of that program.

In this way, we had 4 artists and 2 audiences in our first open match event. But then we had determined that not only Jaipur but the talent of any artist of Rajasthan would not let him die due to lack of platform only. Then we started to have an open mic event at various places in Jaipur.

This not only gave the artists a good platform but also gave the people of Jaipur the opportunity to get exposed to good talent. We got a good response from the people of Jaipur and also came to know about the interest of the people here. There is no doubt that the people of Jaipur love literature very much. They are also good listeners.

With the help of all fellow artists, we have so far conducted 7 successful Open Mic events at different places in Jaipur. Through which we have got the opportunity to provide a platform to 200+ artists so far. This journey has just begun.

Our Aim

Agaastyaa is a stage for artists created by artists. Our aim is to bring hidden talents to India. We say that artists can get a worldwide platform through which they can present their talent to the whole world. The major objective of Agaastyaa Group is to expose and expand any type of art in its field.

The Agaastyaa group and the entire team are working towards the enrichment of art. Today’s youth have talent but they are not able to be exposed to everyone, the entire team of Agaastyaa is always ready to expose and encourage the art of every skill. In the initial phase, Agaastyaa is getting this job done in many places of Jaipur.

This program is going to be organized for the rural areas in the coming time. In the rural environment, there is some unseen art in every person, but it is not possible for everyone to pursue this art. Our group is going to work to spread awareness about art in the schools of villages.

We aim to conduct our events ethically and in a manner that is respectful to all. We achieve this by aligning our goals with core values.

  • Respect Art and Artist
  • One Team – Hamara Parivaar
  • Excellency In Management

Our Upcoming Open Mic Event

  • Agaastyaa Open Mic 8.0
  • Date: March 08, 2020
  • Venue: Douses Cafe And Restaurant
  • Form Link:

Contact Information

  • Contact Number: +918278655283
  • Address:- 156, Vishvakarma Nagar 2, Maharani Farm, Durgapura, Jaipur (302018)
  • Email:- [email protected]

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